Germany: Four Generations

Second generation Manasses Hecht (1795-1878)

Manasses son of Anschel, farmer (1796-5.7.1878) married Eva (7.1.1829) née Friedman (1803 15.1.1892). He was a manufacturer of metal buttons (Fabrikant von metallknopfen). On the headstone of Eva Hecht in the village cemetery, who died when she was 89 years old, a message in engraved describing her as “The celebrated lady of velour (eshet chayil) the glory of her household….”

Their children:

1. Isaak (3.6.1840-8.11.1829) died at the age of 11
2. Emanual (24.4.1831) – no further details
3. Mariane (24.3.1833) no further details
4. Michael (26.2.1835).

In 26.11.1862 Michael married Mina, née Friedmann, and (15.6.1829-10.3.1867), resident of the village, who gave birth to three children: Rika (born 1864) Hermann (born 1865) and Mina (born 1867) possibly named after her late mother who passed away when she was only 35 years old. Manasses first two children have also passed away when they were still young, Rika, she was only one year old and Hermann when he was 4. His wife Mina is buried in the village cemetery (see photo of the headstone). Michael Hecht remarried in 6.11.1867 to Maly Brandis (born 12.3.1843) from the Village Eichenhausen, her parents Wolf Brandis and Golda, née Rosenbaum. Mali gave Michael Hecht three children: Max (born 1869), Betty (born 1870) and Karl (born 1872). The two children of Manasses from his second wife, Betty, had also died in a very young age (a year after they were born). The remaining two children of the Michael Hecht, family which lived in Sulzdorf, were Mina (born 1867) daughter of Mina, his first wife, and Karl (born 9.11.1872) his second wife’s, Mali, son. Karl, a wine merchant by trade, was sent to Tereizinstadt, Czechoslovakia in 23.9.1942 (in the fifth transport from the Jewish teacher seminary in Wurzburg). He died there in 12.11.1943. The following entry is stored in the Yad Vashem database: “Karl Hecht was born in 1872. Before the Second World War he lived in Wurzburg, Germany. He died in 1943 in the Tereizinstadt concentration camp, Czechoslovakia. This information is based on the list of the German Jewish dead taken from memorial book: “victims of the Jewish Extermination under the Nazi regime in Germany 1933-1945”, the German National Archives, Koblentz 1986. Michael Hecht’s name is also mentioned in a book on the Jews of Wurzburg (Strätz 1989:242).

5. Rika (Ricka) (born 4.1.1837) – no further details.
6. Aaron (born 22.5.1841) – details in the next section.

7. Babetta (18.8.1844), buried in the Wurzburg cemetery – no further details

8. Anton Anschel (26.6.1846) son of Manasses and Eva Hecht, brother to Aaron (born 26.6.1846). A farmer, Married to Eva (née Friedman). Took part in the war between Germany and France, lived in the village in a house whose number today is 76.

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