Israel : Four Generations

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation (1967-

Samuel Ben-Yacov Hecht, fifth generation descendant of the Hecht family and Esther (née Klein) had two children: Yacov (Hans) (born 1935) and Matanya (born 1953). Both are sixth generation descendants of the Hecht family.

Yacov and yaffa née Somach (26.11.1936) have 3 children (seventh generation descendants of the Hecht family): Yoel (20.8.1967), Yael (31.8.1968) and Yifat (28.9.1973).

Matanya and Zahava (née Ohayon have three children (seventh generation descendants to the Hecht family): Avital (14.10.77), Samuel (Mully) (born 16.9.1981) and Lyran (27.4.1984).

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